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Fundamentals of Trauma Healing  is an eight-hour training designed for Christian professional and lay counselors who desire to learn the basics for counseling clients who have experienced past trauma. The instructors will teach the course content using biblical principles and a distinctly Christian worldview. The course is offered in an online live venue through Zoom.

Books and Resources by Eliza
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What does it look like for a Christian to live a balanced life that honors God? This book offers practical guidance for renewing body and soul so that readers will be energized to engage life with fresh enthusiasm and vigor for service to God. Focusing on six key areas, including your spiritual life, physical life, community life, your work, your purpose, and how you rest. Christian’s gain strategies to experience transformation in how they care for themselves and others.

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Our lives are influenced by technology like never before. Screens and devices have become a part of our daily lives bringing many benefits, as well as challenges – not least to the area of parenting. Our kids are digital natives, never having known a world that wasn’t saturated with screens, their knowledge and experience rapidly outstrip that of even the most technologically literate parents. Raising them to make safe and godly choices in this area is difficult as many of us are still working out how to use technology wisely ourselves.

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Whether you are a parent of teens or preteens you will find several practical tips on how to wisely raise your kids in the midst of a hyper-sexualized world. The tips come in the form of what not to do without giving a sense of judgment or failure. Instead, the book takes a look at the value of reframing the mistakes both parents and teens may have already made and gives a hopeful picture of how our compassionate Father moves toward us in our struggles. The book offers a hopeful look at how parents can build better communication and relationship with their teens while remembering that God is at work in both kids and parents.

Free Resources

I provide free resources to help you as you care for others. Download them for yourself or pass them along to anyone who may be helped by them. The only request I have in using these resources is that you attribute them to the author/creator (me-Eliza Huie :)). Thank you and enjoy!

The Whole Life is a great book to read with a group. Reading with others fosters accountability and allows you to get so much more out of the book as you engage with others. Grab a few friends and start reading together. Use this groups guide to help you. A Christian grounding exercise to redirect mental focus away from stressors and on to God for adults