A Devotional for the Grieving Heart

Books on grief are not sparse or hard to find. One quick search on Amazon will tell you that the subject takes up no small corner in the publishing world. In some ways this makes sense for a various reasons. One reason might simply be the reality that grief is not one size fits all. Grief comes in different forms and it impacts people uniquely. Another reason is probably because grief is something everyone faces eventually. You can’t get through this life without experiencing some kind of loss. But perhaps the main reason why it has been written on so much is because we need a lot of help getting through the agony of grief.

It is that last reason that makes me excited for a brand new book by my friend Bob Kelleman. Bob is no stranger to book writing. He has written many helpful resources for those seeking to better walk with people through the struggles we face in life.  He is also no stranger to grief himself. His own experience has certainly contributed to how personal the book feels. Grief: Walking with Jesus  brings a much needed approach to this prolific topic.

The book is a 31 day devotional that highlights the deepest levels of the compassion of Jesus for those suffering in heartache and loss. Each day provides hope to those beaten down with grief. The readings are filled with grace and comfort that will move the sorrow-filled heart toward our loving God.

What I appreciated most about this book was that the daily devotions are immediately practical. Opportunity is given to reflect and act on what was presented in the reading The reflections encourage the reader to move from grief-filled living to abundant life. All of this is done while being fully honest with the pain of loss.

The devotionals don’t side-step the heartache and simply provide optimistic platitudes. Bob helpfully acknowledges that “future hope does not obliterate our current pain.” He shows how Jesus’ own life did not deny this reality. Each page brings comforting truth in a way the motivates the mourner to cling to the Savior who is acquainted with grief and understands our sorrows.

It is the daily approach that I love so much about this book. You can read it every day or just pick it up and read the devotional for whatever day of the month you find it in your hands. I was personally ministered to in reading it and it is on the top of my list for recommendations to anyone struggling with grief and loss.

Grief: Walking with Jesus is available for pre-order from P&R Publishing. I highly recommend it. It is a book you will want for yourself and for anyone you know who is struggling with loss of any kind.

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